Hello there! I'm Arda.
Welcome to my website.
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About me

I'm a 15-year-old back-end developer who wants to be a software engineer in the future. I enjoy playing and making stuff with Node.js. Recently I learned about Vue.js and this is the first project I made with it.

Emoji Bot
Kahve Bot
Discord Templates
Bing Wallpaper

A program that changes your desktop wallpaper with the Bing's image of the day.

Image Uploader

A basic server boilerplate for auto-uploading images to cloud. Designed for ShareX-like programs.

Music Downloader

A simple music downloader for YouTube based on youtube-dl. Built with Node.js

My Personal Blog

My personal Turkish blog that I write about my personal recommendations, opinions etc.

My Journey

I started using Discord

I started Discord with an advice from my friend. Using Discord was a milestone for me, because that's how I started coding. I've created some Minecraft Skripts before but I think I shouldn't count in that to this journey.

July 2017

I created my first Discord bot

That friend made a Discord bot after a while, I also wanted to make a Discord bot too, it was a multipurpose like the big bots but it helped me to get into actual stuff.

August 2017

I started learning Javascript

Yes, I created my bot with Javascript but I was just copy-pasting code from tutorials. I loved Javascript's syntax and I started learning Javascript and Nodejs.

February 2018

I tried to learn Web Development

I loved Javascript and back-end development but I wanted to do more. I already have known HTML and JS, all I needed to do was learn CSS. I tried every tutorial, every documentation but I couldn't learn CSS. So I used Colorlib templates to make websites.

March 2019

I found Vue and Nuxt

I've heard of Vue a while ago but I didn't do a single thing to figure out how it works. I tried learning Vue with Nuxt and I realised it's super easy to use.

July 2020

Vuetify, Bulma, Tailwind... My UI adventure

A friend was using Vuetify with Nuxt and I loved the design. I tried using Vuetify but I couldn't even center an element. I also tried Bulma and I failed it too. But, Tailwind rescued me and now I'm creating websites without writing a single line of CSS.

October 2020

This portfolio

As I talked about Tailwind above, I tried so many designs for my portfolio but I loved this one most. I'm planning to stick on this one.

March 2021